How we hire new people?

At Daikin UK we are always keen to speak to individuals that are aligned to what we stand for and our recruitment process is deigned to reflect that.

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Our recruitment process

Application phase

After receiving your application our recruitment team will take a look at your CV. They’ll check if your experience and skills are aligned to the role you are applying for, if they have any questions they’ll give you a call to discuss further just to be sure. If there is a good alignment, then a call will be booked for a more detailed conversation.

First interview and online assessment

If after a more detailed conversation there is a good fit with your experience/skills and the role, then we will invite you for a first interview with the hiring manager. If this is successful then you may need to complete some on-line assessments.

The final interview

It may be necessary for you to have a final interview and meet more people from Daikin UK, this is an opportunity for both us and you to find out more, ask further questions and make sure it's right.

Verbal & Written offer

If both parties are happy then we will make you a verbal offer, detailing everything you need to know! If this is accepted we then send you your full written offer for further review. We continue to support you until you become part of the team and then your Manager takes over.

The Daikin values

Absolute Credibility

A commitment to building relationships based on trust and openness with customers, colleagues, business partners, and communities.

Harmonious Personal Relations

A commitment to a workplace in which everyone works together with dedication to meet Daikin’s goals and challenges.

Enterprising Management

A commitment to building the company through encouraging and rewarding the initiative and excellence of all employees.

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